Vertical Blinds

NEW: Our Vertical Blinds have Chainless Bottom Weights

  • Less Repairs: No bottom chains mean your blinds experience less wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan and less maintenance in repairing broken chain.
  • Child and Pet Safety: With no chains, your vertical blinds are a safer choice for homes with children and pets, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Enhanced Durability: The heat-sealed   bottom weights ensure the slats remain securely intact and less prone to damage and opening at the seams.
  • Clean, Modern Design: The absence of chains gives a more streamlined and polished appearance, perfect for a contemporary aesthetic.
  • No Surcharge: Other suppliers charge extra for the chainless version. We don’t!

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    More About Vertical Blinds

    Vertical blinds provide a decorative and effective method in which to control light while still maintaining a perfect view. These fabric blinds are the most common types of blinds in offices. They also add a sleek look to contemporary styled homes. Vertical window blinds are popular for all types of rooms as the fully closed slates offer increased privacy and protection from strong sunlight. The vertical slates allow the blinds to cover large windows and sliding doors, parting left, right or splitting evenly to either side.

    Our range is available in a variety of fabric colours, styles and patterns with fairly low maintenance, removable slates that are available in wipe clean or washable fabrics. Our fabric verticals continue to be popular with architects and corporate institutions because they are cheaper, functional and easy to clean. You are guaranteed to find the perfect fabric vertical blinds for your home or office.

    • Made to your specific measurements
    • 127mm wide fabric vanes
    • Slimline white powder coated aluminium headrail
    • Complete with white top hangers, bottom weights and stabilising chain
    • Easy fit brackets, choose from recess or face fitting
    • Louvres can stack to either side
    • Fabric can be both rotated or drawn with precision chain (white) & cord operation
    • Maximum width 5104mm, maximum drop (height) 3000mm
    • Please note: At least 95mm is needed to fit a 127mm vertical blind in the recess

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